28 AUG - 7 SEP 2019


'Reflections' features five emerging Australian artists - Caroline Jones, Carolyn Farbach, Jane Hoggard, Ross Leondiou, and Sue Gordon. Each artist was awarded a position in the exhibition through Aspire Gallery’s emerging artist competitions over the past twelve months. Their selection reflects each artists’ success so far in their artistic career whilst also acknowledging their future potential.

Whilst ranging in medium, subject matter and style -  the five exhibiting artists have united over the overarching theme of 'reflections' to showcase how their work can provide an opportunity to step back from the chaos and noise of everday life to reflect.

The Exhibition runs from 28 August - 7 September, Wednesdays - Saturdays. All are invited to attend the Opening Night on Saturday 31 August, 4:30 - 6:30pm.


Sculptural Artist, Qld

Caroline is an Expressionist Figurative Sculptural Artist seeking to depict not objective reality, but rather the subjective emotions and responses that events arouse within herself.

Having graduated from the Queensland College of Art with a Diploma of Arts (Fine Art, Printmaking) and a Certificate in Commercial Art (Graphic Design), she is a self taught sculptural artist and has been creating pieces in her studio for the last 3 years, playing, learning technique, form, shape and experimenting.

Caroline's chosen medium is clay, as she enjoys being led by its organic state, as well as its tactility, beauty, and subjectivity - often conveying things she can never talk about. Her goal is to call upon a past experience or emotion, where her audience will tell her what they see and feel rather than asking what it means.

On the theme, 'Reflections':

 “Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me.” ~ Bobbi Chegwyn.

In this exhibition, I have re-created my own past experiences through clay sculptures to highlight the perceptions others can place on you and the truth that often lie underneath these views.

Photorealism Artist, Qld

Carolyn is a Photorealism Artist who is often attracted to the minutiae in nature.

Gradutating from a Diploma of Commercial Art from the CATC Design School in 1990 and a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Griffith University in 1995, over the past 25 years Carolyn has been a finalist in a number of large-scale Australian art awards and been selected to exhibit in numerous selection-only exhibitions.

On the theme, 'Reflections':

'Reflections' can be defined as either: -

  • “ the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat , or sound without absorbing it" or 
  • ‘‘serious thought or consideration”. 

At first glance my artwork tends to swing towards the former. As a photorealist, I revel in the play of light through it’s various forms such as reflection, refraction, shadow, highlight and translucence. My artwork, however, also explores the minutiae in the world around us. I hope it will encourage my audience to reflect on the finer details of life and the beauty of the overlooked details around them.


Mixed Media Artist, Northern NSW

Jane is a Mixed Media Artist who aims to take a lighthearted view of traditional genre - still life, landscapes, abstraction and assemblages.

Working in focused bursts reflects Janes’ personality, a busy family life and an appreciation of the environment in Northern NSW where she lives. Evident in her experimentation of subject matter and mixed media compositions reveal hidden depths through multiple layering using collected snippets such as maps and manuals to create authentic, sentimental and curious ‘snapshots’ in her smaller works alongside acrylic, oil and charcoal in larger works.

On the theme, 'Reflections':

When looking to define the theme “reflections” for my work, I went to a place that I often go. The water.  This is a place that I go for peace and inspiration - to refuel and reflect.

Using water as the anchoring point, I worked with materials and images I have gathered over the years alongside experiences and interactions with people and communities to create the shapes, colours and touches that reflect the moments, places and feelings that are both personal to me and common to all of us.  


Portraiture Artist, Qld

Ross is an Fine Art Portraiture Artist who loves to explore the female portraiture using oil on canvas and panel, often using quick gestural strokes of brush and knife. 

Having only been painting since 2017, Ross has already been selected as a Finalist in a number of National Art Awards in Australia including the Regional Queensland Milburn Art Prize, National Rockingham Western Australia Art Award and the Lethbridge 20000.

On the theme, 'Reflections':

We often make assumptions about the people we meet within seconds of that meeting - not a word said, just that first look. In this exhibition, I have endeavoured to convey an emotional state, a connection with the viewer, and that first moment of reflection. With a concise attention to overall detail and a constant figurative experimentation with moods and moments, I hope my works will present a pleasing image, whilst also inviting the viewer to create their own story of the image.

Profits from any sold work in this exhibition by Ross will go towards the Micah Project - a non-for-profit organisation that provides a range of services to individuals and families in need.



Fine Art Photographer, Qld

Sue is a Fine Art Photographer who's style is based on emotion rather than any photographic genre.

Current President of the Photographic Society of QLD, over the years Sue has built up quite a repuation in the photography world with countless awards, medals and mentions in State-wide and National Photographic Competitions.

Sue accepts the rules and conventions of traditional photography, but aims to utilise them to take her viewers beyond a 'pretty' picture, holiday snap, or realistic image they can find themselves. Her goal is to lead them into the same journey she herself takes of discovery, and connection.

On the theme, 'Reflections':

When I think of reflections, I first imagine a scene laying softly and delicately on still water, but then I see me, staring back at me. Unlike a mirror, my image on the water’s surface to lies among and becomes part of the different dimensions of the environment around me, the water, the sky, the trees, and what lies beneath the surface. For me, reflection on favourite places combines the beauty of the landscape and the emotions I feel.  Certain places engulf you, wrap you up in their stillness and peace. Being among nature is a spiritual experience, which settles my soul, and encompasses by my natural body. There is healing in these places and the remembrance of them refreshes me as often as I revisit each image.




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