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ON SHOW: 15 - 25 August 2018

Modern Art with an ironic twist!

Proving that cranes are more than just workhorses of the construction industry, #CRG self-styled and unique metamodern crane art is being showcased at Aspire Gallery. The post-postmodern urban pop crane art exhibition is #CRG's (artist Craig Dalton) brainchild. #CRG captures the construction sector and in particular, the creations built by cranes.

#CRG’s fascination with capturing cranes started in 2000 as he was leaving Brisbane City. #CRG turned and he saw Brisbane being built. Not by companies or people but by these man-made metallic contraptions – cranes. #CRG He took out his camera and captured an iconic shot of Brisbane before converting the work into pop art.

A selection of #CRG's latest work will be on show at Aspire Gallery from 15 - 25 August 2018.

Upcoming Exhibitions


ON SHOW: 12 - 22 September 2018

Some may know Michael Cawdrey for his technique, but equally important to him is the emotional response to the subjects he chooses to paint.

"Evocative Imagery" is Michael's 2018 Exhibition.

Featured Past Exhibitions


ON SHOW: 4 - 14 JULY 2018

Ashlea McFarlane is a Brisbane based New Media Artist, and her work is a poetic combination of photographic images, comprised of her surroundings and incorporates an aspect of digital painting.  Layers of artworks are combined into a single entity depicting experiences, fragments of memories, and a record of what has passed.

I Imagine You with a Smoke and a Whisky” is Ash's inaugural solo exhibition. 

About Aspire

Aspire Gallery builds and develops emerging and semi-professional artists into full-time professional artists.

We aim to draw attention to collectible, unattainable art just before it booms.



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